Giant Leap

“ABM has given us a significant increase in turnover from the target group. We also see great value of sales and marketing alignment when working with ABM as an overall strategy.’’

Tor-Erling Nilsen

Sales and Marketing Director | Giant Leap – a Visma company


‘’We enjoyed to work together with InZynk. They helped us with the right questions to think about our customer’s pains and gains, but also about the customer’s objections during a software selection process. Together with InZynk and their strong experience in ABM, we were able to address our marketing messages to these points. This helped us to increase visibility and to drive the complex B2B sales process effectively forward. We appreciate the cooperation very much and recommend working together with InZynk.’’

Stefan Zähringer

VP Sales Europe | Volue


‘’Jeg har anbefalt InZynk til flere Microsoft partnere gjennom de siste årene, og har sett gode resultater fra ABM kampanjene vi har kjørt sammen. Jeg liker spesielt måten InZynk tar med salg gjennom hele kampanjen og på den måten blir en brobygger mellom salg og marked.’’

Hilde Nielsen

Sr Partner Marketing Advisor | Microsoft




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What We Do

InZynk is a full-focus Account-Based Marketing (ABM) company. We help our B2B clients to grow on and win strategically-selected customers e.g. through targeted digital advertising – aimed exclusively at specific, prioritised companies.


Do you know which companies visit your websites?

We can show you.


Do you know which companies you want to sell to?

We can reach them.


Problems influencing all the right decision-makers?

We can find them.

About Us

International Experience

The team behind InZynk has extensive international experience within Account-Based Marketing, and has worked with a number of the world’s biggest companies. We’ve gained valuable insight into how global market leaders win their biggest deals. We’ve joined forces to establish InZynk as a purely Account-Based Marketing company, via which we want to contribute our know-how and technology to help ambitious companies to reach their most important objectives – either locally, nationally or internationally.



Win more contracts With our expertise

InZynk consists of dedicated ABM experts. Our mission is to boost the most important sales processes our clients have, by synchronising the work of the sales and marketing departments to win more important and bigger deals. We do so by providing ground-breaking marketing technology combined with strategic consultancy.


Managed Service

InZynk provides ABM as a ‘managed service’, which means that our clients do not need to waste time learning a new system or software. We run the entire ABM plan on your behalf – to achieve a specific objective.

Typical Problems

If you have the typical problems of B2B, such as long sales processes, a range of formal (and informal) decision-makers who are difficult to influence, lose too many contracts to market leaders, perhaps would like to be perceived as a market leader? Then simply contact one of our ABM experts to book an introduction meeting to find out if InZynk can help.

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Why Account-Based Marketing

Excellent ROI

Your marketing department may have problems finding effective ways of supporting the sales team. Traditional B2B marketing is often spread over too many irrelevant customers. That results in unnecessary use of resources on timewasters, and too little focus on the company’s key target groups – and which in turn can lead to lost contracts.

Synchronising Sales and Marketing

Account-based marketing from InZynk means you can synchronise sales and marketing to work strategically towards the company’s top priority objectives. You have full control and overview of the size of investment from your marketing budget, as you can specifically target the customers and target groups that are most interesting to you. What’s more, you gain valuable sales and marketing insight into which companies you ought to invest time and money in, and those that are simply not worth the effort.

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