About Cookies and tracking on this site (GDPR):

We and our advertising partners use cookies and similar technologies on this site and around the web to select, track and deliver measurable personalized advertising from this site and other advertisers in Inzynks network. If you do not accept, neither Inzynk nor its partners will serve you personalized advertising. You may still receive advertising that is not targeted or is served by other third parties that are not affiliated with Inzynk. The tracking script (javascript) on the website interacts with InZynk’s systems at each page load. 

With this script, we identify the visitor to the system of InZynk, and the main objective is to answer this particular query: Is this a known organization, yes/no? When “yes” is chosen, the event is stored and added to the analytics data of the customer.  

If the visit data remains unmatched, which is “no” to the question related to a known organization, the reporting and the storing of the event is labelled as unknown. Further actions are not required to identify the visitor. We do not collect nor store any personal data.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions,