ABM (Account-Based Marketing) does it involve sales?

Is the name ABM (Account-Based Marketing) misleading and make you think it doesn’t involve sales?

ABM is about marketing, yes – but also much more.
Sales play a crucial part, so do the understanding of ABM throughout the company’s organization. ABM is an orchestration across marketing, sales, customer success – and the c-suite.

Think about it:
To succeed when doing medium sized and large B2B deals – is it enough just for the marketing team to work alone on brand awareness? Or for sales to chase their goals without a highly targeted and syncronized marketing support? Unlikely.

Will it help to have sales and marketing aligning on a strategic approach – and make all interactions and content personalized and relevant to your target accounts in the pursue of revenue? Yes.

And will it make it easier for the marketing and sales team to succeed in such co-operation if they have backing and a common understanding with the c-suite to implement ABM as a companywide strategy? For sure!

This is what ABM is all about. It is not just a short term marketing campaign.
ABM is a long term strategy for the organization – working together to achieve your business goals. An «Account-Based Strategy» – and teamwork at its best.

Re-name ABM? Nah..:) Thoughts?