When sales and marketing work together..

When sales and marketing work together as a #OneTeam fantastic results are achieved.

And ABM as a company strategy enables your teams to maximize the potential that lies in true teamwork.

Here are a few tips on how to get started and to succeed with sales and marketing alignment – using ABM as your strategy.

➡️ Introduse ABM to sales and management as a strategy, not as another «marketing thing» (forget the «M» in «ABM» for a while)

➡️ Talk about ABM as a team strategy to help you reach your prioritized goals

➡️ Look at your goals as common goals

➡️ Sit down together, identify and agree on target accounts

➡️ Create joint KPIs for sales and marketing

➡️ Define and agree on revenue based metrics

➡️ Learn sales how marketing (with ABM) can support them throughout the whole sales cycle

➡️ Invite marketing to attend sales meetings to better understand clients

➡️ Be on the same page at every stage of the funnel

➡️ Have common meetings every week to go through learnings, insights and planning

➡️ Show up to your common meetings..

The extra fun part: When you work together as a team – you also celebrate wins together 🎉🎉🎉

Any tips on how to get sales and marketing aligned?

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